Hotels in Zurich, Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are many hotels you can find which are even known and considered as the best hotels in the country. There are also different types of hotel wherein guests can have various accommodation experiences. You can find luxury hotels, boutique hotels, and budget hotels. To those who can afford to stay in a hotel wherein everything is expensive and yet the services offered are worth it, they can choose to book even a Master Suite. But if the budget is lacking, then budget hotel is a good choice.

Anyone who wants to travel to Zurich which is a very beautiful city located in Switzerland can have a lot of things to do while having a tour. But before having a wonderful tour, it is first a must to look and book for a hotel that you can afford. Anyway, there are luxury hotels, boutique hotels, and budget hotels to be mentioned here. If you want to experience staying in a townhouse that dates back from the 15th century, then choose Widder Hotel.

Another hotel known to be the best in the city of Zurich is the Hotel Florhof which is surprisingly, a silk factory and aristocratic mansion before since the 18th century. What about Baur Au Lac? It is actually a family hotel that was opened since the 18th century. It is even described as a grand dame of Zurich hotels.  The Dolder Grand, Eden Au Lac, Romantik Hotel Europe, and Park Hyatt Zurich are also known to be the best hotels in the city.